2020 Ramsey Hill Association Annual Meeting

Due to COVID, we will not be hosting an in person annual meeting.  Instead we have posted all the required items on this page.  According to our bylaws, there are certain things that must be completed each year at the annual meeting.  Voting will be conducted through a Google Form linked HERE.  You can vote anytime between now and midnight on October 31st.    

Thank you all for taking the time to be an active member of RHA!

Please take a few minutes to watch this VIDEO of Cathy Maes, President, and Jason Patalonis, Vice President, who will present a brief overview of our accomplishments this year and a look forward to 2021. 

The Ramsey Hill Association Board of Directors  unanimously approved amendments to the Associations bylaws on Oct 8th. The link below labeled "RHA Bylaws-Updated Oct 2020" takes you to a document that shows the amendments that were adopted, followed by an updated version of the bylaws.  

We have also included a summary of our Community Outreach efforts in the document "2020 Community Outreach Recipients" which is posted below.  


1.  Review & Approval of 2019 Minutes:  Please review the attached minutes from last year's annual meeting labeled "2019 Annual Meeting Minutes" and vote through the Google Form linked below.

2. The upcoming year budget is presented to the membership for review and comment.  Please review the attached document labeled "Approved 2021 Budget".  Please send any questions and/or comments to Julia Burgess, Treasurer, at treasurer@ramseyhill.org.  Additionally, the balance sheet and income statement as of 9/30/20 are also attached for informational purposes. 

3.  The slate of candidates for the Board is presented to the membership for approval-see document labeled "2021-2022 Slate".  This year, the open positions are: Vice President, Treasurer, Social Chair, Parks and Gardens Chair, Membership Chair, SUPC Representative, Business Liaison, Communications Chair.  Please review the attached document labeled "2021-2022 Slate" and vote through the Google Form

4.  The membership will be made aware of the upcoming year's Board Meetings.  See document labeled "2021 Ramsey Hill Association Events".  The Board's meeting schedule is also maintained on the website to please be sure to check that for the current dates, times and locations of meetings.

Financial Statements as of 9/30/20 for informational purposes only:

Profit and Loss by Month Sept 2020.pdf

BalanceSheet Sept 2020.pdf

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