St Paul Heritage Preservation Commission Proposes Changes to Chapter 73, which increases HPC scope and fees; and transforms the Historic Hill District's intentionally more flexible guidelines into stricter and more detailed standards.

The City of St Paul's Heritage Preservation Commission has proposed changes - read the summary here.  

Current Ordinance can be viewed here

Proposed Ordinance can be viewed here

After numerous reviews and much discussion and analysis, we find no clear problem statement that these changes solve.  Not only do these changes not address the problems we experience as owners of historic properties, such as costly delays and overly detailed and specific reviews, we believe the HPC is no longer acting in accordance with the express goals and designs of the original Historic Hill District Preservation Guidelines.  In short, these changes make the existing problems we experience worse.  Much worse.

Make the comparison for yourself.  The original Historic_Preservation_Guidelines_1990.pdf were based on the same principles as the National Standards, but are general and intended to provide clear guidance for making preservation decisions, but they clearly allow for rational flexibility as well.  By comparison, the National Standards are 252 pages long and can be applied to preserving museums as well as homes - not what we need in the Historic Hill District.  This is a place where people live, work, and play - not a museum.

After careful review and solicitation of input from various preservation experts in St Paul, the Ramsey Hill Association opposes the proposed changes - read our Call To Action.

Fred Melo from the Pioneer Press has written the following articles about the changes:

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