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Welcome to the Ramsey Hill neighborhood!

In 1998 several members of the Ramsey Hill Association published a welcome book for distribution to new and potential new Ramsey Hill residents. Long out of print, this booklet is too important not to keep alive.  Here is a copy for your enjoyment - please feel free to distribute it freely!

About The Ramsey Hill Association

Located in the heart of Cathedral Hill, the Historic Ramsey Hill neighborhood is bounded by:

  • Dale Street on the west, 
  • I-94 on the north, 
  • Kellogg Blvd on the east, and 
  • Pleasant and Grand Ave on the South.

In addition to being one of the largest and best-preserved groups of Victorian era homes in North America, the Ramsey Hill neighborhood boasts a vibrant and eclectic mix of local businesses along Selby Avenue, is home to the Cathedral of Saint Paul, and comprises the oldest section of Historic Summit Avenue with it's glorious mansions on the cliff overlooking downtown Saint Paul and the Mississippi River.

Echoes of the past seem to come alive here. Whether you're touring the famous James J. Hill House, or strolling past one of the numerous home in which F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, or Sally Ordway Irvine lived, you're sure to feel part of this area's rich history.

This is a community where residents feel passionately about preserving the history of the area and work together to create a wonderful community in which to live.  We'd love to meet you and welcome you as our neighbor and a friend.

Join us today!

Ramsey Hill Area

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