Zoning Change for Boy Scouts property @ Western & Marshall

  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017
  • 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • St Paul City Hall, Room 300


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A local St Paul real estate developer named Exeter Group has a purchase agreement in place with the Boy Scouts to acquire and re-develop the parcel at 393 Marshall on the corner of Western and Marshall, kitty corner from the Aberdeen.

There was a rumor that Dorothy Day is applying for the zoning change, but this has not been verified.  Multiple neighbors, including myself, Chuck Kanski, and Eric Ruhland among others, have spoken directly with the developers and have been assured this is not the case.  Dorothy Day Center is also on the Zoning Board agenda today, but for entirely different reasons, which may have caused the confusion.

Please attend this meeting to learn more and express your opinions, if you are able.  I apologize for the very late notice, but I just heard about the meeting last night myself. 

Exeter knows that parking is a concern and plans to allocate greater than 1 off-street space per unit in their proposed 150-175 unit market rate rental building, which is more than what the T2 zoning being requested would require.

Exeter also is endeavoring to incorporate historic designs into what will be a new building.  T2 allows for 5 stories of height.

More information will be provided in our next newsletter or as it becomes available. 

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