RHA Readings & Storytelling

  • Thursday, November 08, 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Stan Berger's home

Authors and Storytellers in Ramsey Hill will be sharing their tales and writings.  Please join host Stan Berger for this special evening - limited to 25 people.

John Clay — I saw sunlit icicles through the window. My child mind told me it had to be written. Most ten -year-olds, as far as I knew, were at school. I was sick, at home, looking out the window. So beautiful. There had to be a way of saying it. Throughout my life I have always wanted to find a way of saying it, even as it became something else and still something else that had to be said. Beauty became poetry became philosophy became story. Stories of why things are as they are and what it might mean for any of us or all of us. 

Elizabeth Clay — My grandmother was a letter writer, my grandfather a police officer, my mother was an artist, and my father, a teacher. All put together into one person, I am an artist writing stories in letters and diaries, and now a novel, a detective story of finding my birth parents through persistence and chance, discovering my identity through genes and generations as my life crossed with another through persistence and chance. Our life stories combined are the story of this novel.

John and Elizabeth Clay live in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood with their son River. John’s articles and essays have been published nationally and locally. He and Elizabeth are co-authoring a biographical novel titled Coconut.

Tess Galati -- I was born in Greece under Nazi rule, immigrated to Iowa as a child, and was sent back to “the old country” to be appropriately groomed and correctly married. I returned to the U.S. triumphant and unmarried, picked up a passel of scholarships and completed a doctoral degree. I’ve been a mother once, wife twice, waitress briefly, college professor long enough for a sabbatical, and founder of a university counseling center. My work as a writing consultant in corporate America stimulated my mind and fed my family for four decades. Having swept away most encumbrances, I recently published a book of poetry, Holy Trinity: Maiden, Mother, Crone, and a handful of articles, including a story of immigration that appeared in the August issue of Minnesota Women’s Press. Ramsey Hill, where I’ve lived for 42 years, is my home, my native land, though my history has made me a citizen of the planet. The stories I’ll be sharing are a window into a world that’s around us and within us all: the world of the immigrant.

Michael E. Murphy taught English briefly at St. Olaf and Macalester Colleges before his thirty-year career as an international business lawyer with Medtronic and the Faegre law firm in Minneapolis. In retirement, he has been teaching a seminar on The Law in Literature at the University of St. Thomas Law School and writing poetry. His Songs of Crocus Hill is mainly a collection of memory poems drawn from his years growing up in the Crocus Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, from his experiences as a husband and father, and from his travels abroad as an international lawyer. In his blend of narrative and lyrical poetry, Mike wants his readers to discover the Crocus Hills in their own lives.

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