Sidewalk Poetry in Ramsey Hill

Friday, June 05, 2015 10:34 AM | Aaron Gjerde

Each year five poems are chosen from dozens submitted to be imprinted into sidewalks in the city of St. Paul. Walking around Ramsey Hill we are fortunate to have many poems to stop and read. Take a few minutes and explore the City of St. Paul's web page about Sidewalk Poetry. On the page are a number of interesting page links including a 6 minute videoabout how the poetry is cast into the sidewalk. Enjoy! See the 2012 winners by following this link.

Here is the first poem in the list of 2012 winners:

Don't buy me dinner on my birthday
and then tell me
you're too tired
to dance.
by Emily Gurnon
Emily Gurnon shares her Highland Park house with two kids and a very energetic beagle. She attended Hamline University and is proud to work as a reporter for our hometown paper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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