Richard Abraham

Landscape paintings that brilliantly capture the nuances in nature's values, colors and forms while weaving a story about place. 

Joel Abramson

My art is inspired by architecture; I am intrigued by storefronts and window reflections.  In addition to structures, I also paint face portraits and landscapes.

Heinz Brummel

Synthesizing the tradition of “old world” skills with the conceptual qualities, design vocabulary and formal requirements of “fine art”.

MaryAnn Cleary

MaryAnn captures the essence of that moment in time by utilizing light, contrast, value and color using oils or charcoal.

Eva Cross

Eva thinks that any art work, ancient, old or new, has the power to strike a chord with the viewer’s inner harmony. This, in turn, shifts our awareness and compassion.

Joshua Cunningham

Landscapes that command attention due to the exquisite and sensitive way light is represented along with the subtle attention to detail in every season.

Mary Jo Elliott

Ancient art of Sumi. Also showing beautiful necklaces created from Abalone shells.

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Alice Gebura

Photographs that show how visual and performing artists use their bodies to create art, which in turn evoke the richness and expressive power of the human body.

Stuart Loughridge

Accomplished second generation painter and printmaker a variety of sketches, landscapes and still lifes.

Bob Muschewske

Photographic images from around the world.

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Lynn Schoenstedt

Creating visual histories of people; pets; homes, and heirlooms. Endeavoring to make images that are, in themselves, works of art, capturing personal and universal meaning.

Marcy Wallace

Not your grandma's knitting. Modern interpretations of traditional techniques: Fair Isle, Aran cable work and more.

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Grand Hill Gallery

In addition to his own work, master picture framer and artist Doug Nielsen is also sponsoring artists Richard Abraham and Joshua Cunningham.  Please consider Grand Hill Gallery for your framing needs.

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