What we do for our Community

Community Partnership

Our Ramsey Hill Association strives to help those (especially children) in our neighborhood and nearby surrounding areas through our annual Grant Program and other activities we help sponsor. You NOW have the opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution to help support our work. Your money will be spent right here in our own neighborhood. Please consider donating today by clicking on the DONATE button. We all can work together to make our neighborhood a safer and more enjoyable place to live.

Holiday Lighting

The installation and maintenance of the holiday lighting you see in Boyd, Nathan Hale and Overlook Parks is paid for by Ramsey Hill Association. The lights are on early in the morning and into the evening each day during the winter months. It is but one more touch that makes this neighborhood special. Please help offset the cost by making a donation to this annual program.

Parks and Gardens

Each spring our parks and playgrounds turn from drab late winter browns to a rich and vibrant patchwork of flowers. There is an army of passionate gardeners who work through out the spring and summer to keep the flower beds watered, weed free and looking good! We can't do it without your help and financial support. Please consider a donation to support our gardeners.

General Unrestricted Donation to RHA

Just want to help make sure Ramsey Hill Association remains a vital part of this great neighborhood? Did you know that the Ramsey Hill Historic District is the oldest district in Minnesota to be recognized by the National Registry of Historic Places? This designation needs constant attention and care.

Hallie Q. Brown Senior Safety Kits

The money will be passed to Hallie Q. Brown for "safety kits" for their elderly clients for winter.  Contents will include a flashlight, batteries, and a fire extinguisher.  Each kits costs $40.

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