Frequently Asked House Tour Questions

Q:  What is the Ramsey Hill Association?

The Ramsey Hill Association, a non-profit organization operated 100% by volunteers, is dedicated to the preservation of its historic neighborhood near Summit Avenue between Dale Street & the Cathedral of St. Paul and I-94 & Grand Avenue. The all-volunteer organization contributes time and effort to a variety of community projects such as park improvements, crime prevention and awareness, neighborhood clean-up and other neighborhood non-profits through community grants. For more information, please visit

Q:  What do the ticket sales support?

Proceeds from this event help support the Ramsey Hill Association, which uses the funds for neighborhood improvements, crime prevention activities, and grants to local non-profit organizations that serve area residents.

Q:  Are there discounted tickets.

Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door.  We are a small non-profit organization and this is our biennial fundraiser.  There are no other discounts for tickets.

Q:  Where do I pick up my tickets I ordered online?

Ticket will-call is located at 2 locations this year at St. John’s Church (the corner of Portland and Kent) near many of this year’s homes and at The Hill House located at 240 Summit Avenue. Will-call will be open from 2:30 until 7PM. Both sites are offering special events for tour goers. St. John’s will present 15 minute organ recitals at 3, 4, 5 and 6 o’clock. The Hill House will offer docent led tours, included with your tour ticket, at 4, 5, 6, and 7 o’clock.

Q:  Where do I park?

Parking is available throughout the neighborhood.  Remember to not block any driveways and follow state laws to park 10' from fire hydrants and 30' from the nearest sidewalk edge.  Parking enforcement is active in the neighborhood.

Q:  Where do I start the tour?

Choose any house or building to start your tour.  All of the houses and buildings open at 3pm.  

Q:  Do I have to pick my tickets up by 3pm?

Will-call will be open from 2:30pm through the close of the tour.

Q:  Are there tour guides?

It is a self-guided walking tour.  You can go at your own pace and choose how long to view each home or building.  Each home will have docents (a knowledgeable guide) throughout the home to answer questions about the home.  You may choose to see a house more than once and to skip houses as you wish.

Q:  Will there be shuttles?

A trolley will run along Portland and Summit Avenues between the 2 will-call sites, St. John’s Church and The Hill House. 4 trolley stops will be marked with signs and also on the map in your ticket book. The trolley does not stop at each house nor run along Holly Avenue. We encourage you to try biking the route as well.

Q:  Will there be food?

Food and beverages are not allowed in the homes. However The University Club is taking dinner reservations  from non-members that evening. Please contact them directly for details and dress code. Their bar will be open during the tour. The German House will pour a complimentary beer to all of age ticket holders.  And there are many great dining spots in Ramsey Hill along Selby Avenue so come early for lunch or stay later for dinner.

Q:  Do I need to take my shoes off in each home?

Yes.  To protect and preserve the floors of these private homes, all guests will be required to remove their shoes and may put on protective slippers provided at the door to each home.  You will carry your shoes and put them on as you leave the house.

Q:  Will I be able to take photos?

No.  To respect the privacy of our homeowners, absolutely no photography of any kind will be permitted inside the houses.

Q:  Are tickets refundable?

No, all ticket sales are final.  This event is 100% run by over 200 volunteers and is the sole source of funding for the Ramsey Hill Association and our Community Development activities.  We hope you understand the need for this policy.

Q:  What are the parking regulations?

Please see the city of Saint Paul's website for all of the city's rules regarding parking.  

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